UtiliTrac – Pipe, Cable, Camera and Sonde Tracer

  • Often the exact position of pipes and cables is unknown due to inaccurate or non existent network plans.
  • In order to carry out precise water leak detection and to avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the position of all services.
  • Inspection cameras with on board transmitters (sondes) can be traced with the R130.

The UtiliTrac is a utility tracer, not a cable avoider

  • Many pipe and cable tools were designed as “Cable Avoidance Tools” and were primarily to assist construction personnel “Avoid” striking electrical cables and injuring themselves. However, it is often necessary to trace the route of a service accurately not simply avoid hitting them.
  • The Sewerin UtiliTrac makes this task easier than ever for both the experienced and inexperienced operator.

VARIOTEC® 460 Tracergas

Using tracer gas is a tried and tested method of pinpointing breaks. It can be used in gas and water distribution networks, pipelines in buildings and heating systems.

Detecting gas leaks by tracer gas involves feeding a mixture of 95{fd9c22985872ff8aaa0c8fed61f45ca9e5c2a66639e7988c85e477d11ec0a79a} nitrogen (carrier gas) and 5{fd9c22985872ff8aaa0c8fed61f45ca9e5c2a66639e7988c85e477d11ec0a79a} hydrogen into the pipelines or other equipment/products being tested. The hydrogen escapes through the leak and is detected by the highly sensitive, specialized sensor. The low amount of hydrogen (just 5{fd9c22985872ff8aaa0c8fed61f45ca9e5c2a66639e7988c85e477d11ec0a79a}) means that this method is safe: the gas is incombustible. It is non-toxic, and therefore also permitted for use in drinking water networks, as well as non-corrosive.

Tracer gas always looks for the shortest route from the leak to the surface.

Cam-Cam Pro

With Cam-Cam Pro we have the ability to inspect the inside of pipes.

Features of the Cam-Cam Pro:

  • 120 meter cable length
  • 50mm camera head
  • Water Proof Heavy Duty Case
  • Gold touch-point connector
  • Video and audio recording
  • Fiberglass rod cable with stainless steel wheel
  • 7″ TFT LCD monitor with DVR and picture shot
  • Traceable cable
  • Meter counter device
  • Self leveling head
  • 18 highlight white LED’s
  • 60 degree camera angle view

Stethophon® 04

The Stethophon® 04 is a sound detector for recording and amplifying structure-borne oscillations of all kinds. The oscillation sensor provides undistorted sound reproduction even when the noise is barely audible.

Filters make it easier to hear certain noises such as the deep-pitched sounds typical from leaks in plastic pipes and higher frequencies from metallic pipes.